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"Adres Ajans is located in Gaziantep in roll labels, product labels, waving labels, catalogs, brochures, posters, logo design, printing house, signboard, metal label, business card, promotion, calendar, pen, color chart, flyer, magnet, corporate identity, catalog. design, product photography, promotional products, web design and printing processes. "
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Creative Graphic Design

Catalog design

Catalog design work is a kind of company introduction guide enriched with visuals that provide clear but detailed information about companies. Each company needs a catalog design that has a detailed description of a quality house. The important thing is to create a real quality work and have a special catalog that has not been done in the market. Thanks to the catalog designs, thousands of people can be easily reached at a time, and the services can be easily transferred to the customers.

E-catalog Design

The places of visual products (TV, cinema, internet broadcasting, social media) and printed products (newspapers, magazines, bulletins, catalogs, brochures, books) are not denied within the promotion and advertising arguments, but digital publications and e-catalogs, which have become increasingly common with the Millennium they had a serious share. The e-catalog prepared in electronic environment (the catalog prepared in electronic environment) has a very flexible structure compared to its sibling made with the printing system when viewed from the perspective of the users.

Logo design

Increasing market competition in our age requires brands to think more creatively in their way of expressing themselves. Since the logo is a visual message, it reaches the target audience much faster and remains in mind for a long time. Of course, in order to achieve this, a successful communication process should be provided between the buyer and the company providing logo design service. A logo is the way a company expresses itself through lines and colors. For this reason, the logo should be prepared in accordance with the corporate image of the company.

Brochure Design

Brochures are printed materials that promote products and services with their effective design and are generally used in one piece and three folds. The brochure focuses on a single subject such as information, invitation, organization, product and event, aiming to have a positive opinion about it and to mobilize it. The most important difference compared to other promotional materials, posters and magazines, is that it is consumed in a short time and is one of the most frequently used graphic design products for effective promotion.

Business Card Design

Business cards, in its simplest definition, are cards prepared for individuals or companies and containing short introductory information on them. Business cards are originally printed to give another person job, title and contact information; but it is much more than that. Business cards, which create a successful and professional perception by highlighting the services offered, are among the most preferred marketing tools in daily life.

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Corporate identity

Corporate Identity Study

Kurumsal kimlik çalışmaları sektörel farklılıklar içerir. Yani her marka için aynı kurumsal kimlik tasarımı oluşturulmaz. Markaların ihtiyaçları burada kurumsal kimlik tasarımına yön verse de tam bir kurumsal kimlik çalışmaları arasında şunlara yer verebiliriz.

  • Brand name
  • The name of the brand is actually the beginning of corporate identity. The brand name is followed by the logo design.
  • Logo
  • Logo is the cornerstone of corporate identity work. After the logo design is designed with fonts or symbols, the correct use of the logo, the incorrect use of the logo, the color palette of the logo, the use of black and white are included in the corporate identity. Font Usage - Corporate Font Usage The unique font of the brand, the family and usage of this font are included in the corporate identity.
  • Motto
  • Where and how the slogan of the brand will be used must be included in the corporate identity design. We can specify the part where the questions are answered and designed, such as whether the slogan will be used after the logo or with the logo.
  • Business Card
  • Your business card design is created by reflecting your brand name, logo, slogan and contact information appropriately to your corporate identity with the use of the chosen corporate font.
  • Letterhead and Continuing Paper
  • Letterhead is an element of corporate identity that you use especially in internal and external correspondence. Letterhead; Includes slogan, logo and contact information. The continuation paper is created with the use of the logo.
  • Envelopes
  • Bag envelope, diplomat and money envelope, windowed and windowless envelope, air bubble envelope, kraft envelope, letter and cd / dvd envelope designs are included in the corporate identity design.
  • Files and Box Design
  • Kurum içinde sıkça kullanılan dosyalar ve kurum dışına gönderilen dosya/kutu tasarımları kurumsal kimlik öğeleri içerisinde yer almaktadır. Frequently used files within the institution and file / box designs sent outside the institution are included in the corporate identity items.
  • Invoices, Receipts and Receipts
  • We can collect invoices, consignment invoices, delivery notes, expense slips, collection receipts, payment receipts, special invoice designs, offer forms, order forms, work follow-up slips, order receipt, cash receipt and collection receipt under this category.
  • Cards, Certificates and Classifieds
  • Greeting cards, invitation cards, flashcards, job postings and media postings that will be transmitted by the brand as templates can be included in this category.
  • Flags and Dressings
  • Vehicle wraps, building wraps, billboards, flags, pennants, rollups, spiders, stands and lectern designs are among the most frequently used corporate identity tools of the brand, especially in promotion processes.
  • Signboard Designs
  • Direction signs suitable for corporate identity, department name signs, external and internal signage designs can be included.
  • Package Designs
  • Corporate bags, bags, parcels, boxes can be included in the corporate identity design.
  • Promotion Designs
  • Agenda, notepad, notebook, pen, usb, calendars can be included in this group. Promotional products can be expanded on a sectoral basis.
  • E-Mail Signature
  • Your signature on your e-mail is one of the digital elements of your corporate identity. It is recommended to include your name information, address, website address and social media information in your e-mail signature.
  • Web Site
  • The website, which is a digital corporate identity element, is the digital version of your brand.
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    Web designing

    Corporate Web Design

    Its interactive and dynamic nature makes the Web a perfect tool for promotion and marketing. Thanks to its expert staff and strong infrastructure in address agency areas, it has the ability to closely monitor developing technologies and to deliver it to its customers as soon as possible. We produce creative ideas for you and have a solution-oriented approach.

    E-Commerce Design

    The interactive and dynamic structure of the web design makes the Web a perfect tool in promotion and marketing. Thanks to its expert staff and strong infrastructure, Address Agency has the ability to closely monitor developing technologies and to deliver it to its customers as soon as possible. Let's prepare your site and open your branch by making your publicity on the internet used by the whole world. With your online secure shopping system, you increase your earnings 10 times and thus let you make the most of direct access to internet users around the world.

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    Photography Services

    Product Focused Photography

    Address Agency; It is a production agency that aims to provide professional services to you with its expert photographer staff and more than 16 years of experience in product shooting. With professional product shots, you can increase the sales of your products and bring them together with potential customers. When you choose us to work, you will have worked with expert staff in this field, and you will receive full support before and after shooting. You can also find the ones closest to your product range categorically from the top menus. You can contact us for any questions and comments.

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    Printing House Services

    Printing and Printing Services

    As Address Agency; We are at your service with technology! Our bookbinding masters, who are experts in their fields, work diligently to present the works we produce with our fully computer controlled printing machine with 4 color and 5 color + lacquer printing capacity of 50.000 pieces per hour. Brochures, catalogs, business cards, letterheads, pocket folders, flyers, inserts, posters, envelopes, folders, labels, notepads, cube notes, flyers, calendars, notebooks, magazines, etc., we are happy to provide everything you can think of.

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    Label Printing Services

    Roll Label

    Regardless of your industry and product, the first thing that attracts attention by the customer is the label on it. It is very important to use quality labels that will represent your brand and company in the best way throughout the shelf life of your products. For this, label raw material, adhesive type and printing quality come to the fore. Depending on the product, packaging and presentation conditions, we should choose one of the paper or plastic-based label raw materials. Choosing the right type of glue suitable for the substrate and ambient conditions on which the label will be adhered ensures the best adhesion of the label throughout its shelf life and unwanted situations are prevented.

    Metal Label

    Silk screen printing technique, acid deposition etc. A type of label made with any type of metal whose surface is shaped or (or) processed by applying surface treatments is called a metal tag. Industrial environment may have some unique physical, chemical and mechanical etching environments. As such, the need for labels for the industrial environment has occurred. Undoubtedly, our metal label types are the type of labels that will withstand the harsh conditions of the industrial environment and will protect your brand, logo, etc. marks for many years.

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    Packaging Printing Service

    Packaging Printing Service

    Would you like to present your catalogs in a cardboard bag that reflects the prestige of your company at fairs or to present your products to your customers in your store with special packaging and specially designed printed paper bags? Custom printed cardboard and paper bags, printed nylon hand-held store bags, gift wrapping papers, custom design gift boxes, shoe box, pizza box, product boxes with inner separator, product-specific designed boxes and more are available at www.adresajans.com.

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    Promotion Services

    Promotional Products

    As Adres Ajans, we break the concept of "souvenirs" that comes to mind first when it comes to promotional designs, and we see it as the most important perception channels that can be used to increase your brand's fanaticism. Because we produce design ideas that touch every aspect of life. PROMOTIONAL DESIGN IDEAS As an innovative agency that gathers all services from A to Z under one roof, we think of promotional design product ideas suitable for you in your new year planning or fair preparations and share them with you. We act immediately at the points we agree on, and operate the production phase we carry out with our solution partners.

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    Social Media Design

    Social Media Design

    As the Muhteşem Agency team, we, our professional team of more than 16 years, are experts in providing you with the most affordable and attractive conditions and prices in outdoor advertising campaigns with the power of hundreds of projects we have successfully completed. We professionally carry out all processes from graphic design to location selection, printing to reservation and publication follow-up, and we challenge many companies in the city in this area.